Carpet Area – An Issue in RERA Which May Need a Minor Change

When buying a house, every buyer takes care of the area for which he pays. Generally, many promoters give information on the built up area rather than the carpet area. This makes it easy for them to advertise their flat as a buyer thinks that he is paying less for more area. But, the reality is quite different. The carpet area is usually less than the built up area. RERA has given new provisions for a promoter on how he should make people aware of the carpet area.

For that, we first have to know what the difference is among a carpet area, built-up area and super built area. Simply put, the carpet area is that area where we can spread a carpet or it is nothing but the net usable area. Built up area is carpet area plus the additional areas sanctioned by the authority such as the area of inner and outer walls, dry balcony area etc. Super build area is carpet area plus built up area and in addition to this, it also includes the proportionate area of the stairs, lobbies and galleries which can be used by the entire building.

Now, the issue which arises in RERA is that its guidelines aptly says that a buyer must disclose the entire carpet area so that a customer knows exactly what he is paying for. But, RERA does not specify if a developer has to compulsorily sell a flat on carpet area. However, disclosing carpet area will create buyers’ awareness as many times it has happened that a buyer thinks that he is getting more area because the promoter or the agent advertises the flat on the built up area. Many developers think that they should charge buyers on the carpet area, but they have to change according to the market as majority of the developers sell it on built and the proportionate super built up area. RERA Consultants follows all the latest news regarding RERA so that a buyer, real estate agent and a promoter don’t find any difficulty in doing work with proper coordination. People are hoping that RERA passes an amendment which is fair for both the buyer and the promoter. For example, RERA can make a change in built up area pricing and can put guidelines where a promoter should sell on carpet area plus the proportionate super built up area. We are hoping that the policy makers of India do bring in some minor detailed changes which are fair to everyone.

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