City dwellers on Sunday strongly voiced their support in favour of Centre’s RERA act thereby rejecting the suggestions of draft which was passed by the State Government of Haryana.

All Home owners had a meet at Leisure Valley sector 29 on Sunday and announced their support in favour of the Act that has been suggested by centre which has earned some rave reviews rather than the one being passed by the state cabinet.

Home owners stated that the alteration of RERA draft passed by centre is not at all acceptable as the rules that have been suggested by State Government heavily favors the builders.

The buyers further stated that this RERA act alter the Current projects initiated by central Government and favors all those builders which are yet to complete a Real Estate project in last 40 years in Gurgaon which includes the likes of DLF, Ansal, Unitech, Vatika and many more.

Some buyers even said that these State Government rules will provide privilege for all those projects where the developers have obtained Completion or occupation certificates (CC/OC).

“If the government does not act on our suggestions, we would take the legal course,” said Gaurav Prakash, a member of Federation of Apartment Owners’ Association (FAOA), Gurgaon.

The CC is an issued certification by a competent authority which states that the ongoing project follows all the plan, layout and specification as approved by the authority.

“OC, on the other hand, is a certificate issued by the competent authority, as per rules, permitting buyers to move into their apartments,” Shephalika Sharma, another member of FAOA who was present at the meeting, said.

Home owners stated that they will prepare a draft with final recommendations and will send it to the State Government.

RS Rathee, president of Gurgaon Citizens’ Council who was present at the meeting, said, “Except Garden Estate in Gurgaon, not a single project, with occupancy of roughly 200, has obtained completion certificate. They should all be brought under Real Estate Regulatory Act. The Haryana government draft dilutes this part. The government must disclose the bank guarantee deposit of each and every builder and their deficiencies on its website with a proper definition of ongoing projects.”

Praveen Jain, president of national real estate development council (Naredco), had said during a press conference in Gurgaon on Friday, “We will seek buyers cooperation for our smooth functioning. RERA draft is balanced and there should be no panic.”