Outlining Coordinates in RERA is a Big Step Towards Transparency

Real Estate Regulatory and Authority (RERA) has brought laws which can organise the real estate sector of India. The policy makers have carefully read the grievances of buyers, promoters, agents and have made laws according to that. One field where buyers often get cheated is or a builder misuses government policies’ loopholes is the undefined land. There are a lot of cases where misconduct has happened regarding the positioning of the land. The casual markings of land have led to unlimited problems. The solution to this problem is very basic and affective as RERA has now made it mandatory to write the latitudes and the longitudes in an agreement.

Marking coordinatesin the agreements is a rock-solid way to stop the nuisances regarding this sector of real estate. The establishment of RERA in all the states will be done in a year. The time taken is to make the property business transparent in all levels. The plot deals in villages especially see a lot of problems and this law will help them. The bigger picture of setting latitudes and longitudes in each real estate agreement is that one day the government wants to ensure that every piece of land gets its own set of coordinates. The official website of RERA will contain the information on coordinates so that people can verify by just putting the numbers. The problem of selling a plot multiple times by casual agents will also see a rapid death.

RERA Consultants, who work to bring a common ground for the government, promoters, agents and buyers is making its best effort to give real estate sector its true worth to India. We highlight major laws in RERA so that the people can be made aware of their rights and also, if they feel they need additional help, they can contact us.

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