RERA Consultants

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory and Authority) Consultants is a consultancy which is aimed to provide help to the buyers, promoters and real estate agents regarding the new Real Estate Regulatory and Authority, commonly known as RERA. The guidelines given in RERA are of prime importance for everyone related to real estate business as these guidelines will make sure that there is a complete transparency and discipline in the sale or purchase of a property. In the last few years, the formation of a government body such as RERA has been growing in demand to curb the problems that are faced by the home seekers due to some faulty promoters and real estate agents. The government has at last obliged to this demand by passing RERA act under Real Estate Regulatory Agency Bill in March 2016. This act will cover the entire state till next year. RERA will help to establish a healthy relation among buyers, promoters and the real estate agents so that a fair passage of business can take place which is very important for the development of the country.

RERA Consultants understand the need of the synchronisation of buyers, promoters and the real estate agents so that none of the parties have to suffer to the defaults of others and thus, the important of RERA is immense. All the developed countries of the world have bodies such as RERA in their respective states so that a buyer gets a clear picture of what he is getting into. The laws under RERA are made so as to make business in real estate easy, free-flowing and hassle free. Also, the government wants to bring the confidence of the buyer back to in the real estate.

Our consultancy is a common ground for everyone be it; buyer, promoter or real estate agent. We are providing a platform where we will help the promoters’ projects and the real estate agents to register with RERA as registration has been made compulsory. RERA Consultants sets legislation to regulate the relationship between all contracting parties and organize the exchange process of properties. We provide many services to clients in India extending to RERA such as offering help in role planning, organizing and evaluating operations related to real estate, organizing and developing real estate activities as well as commitment to monitor real estate projects legally and technically, in order to protect promoters and investors rights.

Becoming a RERA Consultant is a big responsibility as we need to guide the people properly to become RERA complaint. For this, we have a whole-hearted dedicated team which works day in and day out to gather and interpret maximum information which can be useful to the people. Everything we practice and provide comes in the line of rules and regulations set by RERA. RERA Consultants is a much-needed juncture for the people related to selling, developing and promoting a real estate project with the government. Developers and promoters can use the website of RERA so as to get an exact idea of its working and transparency. For buyers, we will constantly be updating the list of promoter’s projects which have been registered under RERA and which have got rejected. Many times, a buyer does not know his own right and we will do our best to let the buyer’s right under RERA reach the common man. People can also participate to discuss various aspects in our public forum. Therefore, all in all, we are providing a service for the betterment of the society and its functioning regarding real estate.