For Real Estate Agents

RERA Consultants is bringing an opportunity for the real estate agents of this country to clear their bad image. RERA Consultants are going to work as a bridge between the promoters and the buyers to create positive atmosphere in Indian real estate market with accordance to government’s RERA (Real Estate Regulatory and Authority).

For Promoters

Gone are the days where promoters had resort to unfair methods to seek approval from the government to create a place for people to live. RERA India is bringing such opportunity where the promoters will work to gain the dying confidence of buyers so that real sector will see a much required boom in the market.


India is taking the biggest step forward in real estate since the independence. RERA is pioneering this giant move launched by the Indian government, which will see assistance by RERA Consultants to connect buyer, promoter and an agent in such a pleasant bond that India will soon leave behind the most developed countries in terms of real estate.


For Buyers-

The home seekers of this country are going to have a big relief as the government is becoming a saviour for them from the exploitation of promoters and real agents. RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Authority) will bring transparency at its best for the combined people related in real estate.

RERA Consultants

The Real Estate Agency of India passed the Real Estate Regulatory and Authority (RERA) Act in March 2016. This act has been made in accordance to increasing complaints against the builders or promoters and the real estate agents. These complaints are mainly regarding the late possession of a house to the buyer, faults in the society, irresponsible behaviour of promoters after the signing of the agreement and many such issues. RERA is a government body whose sole purpose is to safeguard the interest of buyers as well as lay a path so that the promoters and the real estate agents get a chance to come up with good services. The present structure of real sector is quite messy as corruption in the government bodies and opaqueness of the information is there. The policies in RERA have been made keeping in mind that due to the lack of activeness in the government work such as approval of a project, many promoters have to seek an unfair way to continue their work so that their massive investment in a project does not get lost. Also, the Real Estate Agency is establishing Central Agency Council and Real Estate Appellate Tribunal with RERA so as to bring in a level of confidence in buyers for the builders and the agents and also to punish the defaulters.

The thing is, there are several government rules and regulations which, if made aware properly to the general public, then many things will get proper transparency and discipline. RERA Consultants is one such advisory body whose purpose is to guide the people related to real estate in an organised manner. Even though the guidelines laid by RERA for promoters and real estate agents are very basic and affective, the general public needs a platform where they can be made aware of their particular rights. RERA Consultants is that platform which has done thorough research on the official rule book of RERA released by the government. The promoters, buyers and the agents can come up here for a jovial coordination among themselves. We offer consulting services to the promoters and the agents to get registered under RERA. Apart from that, our public forums and interactions will also prove beneficial for everybody. Real estate is a very important sector for a country’s growth and the current status is really bad with every day hundreds of complaints being lodged against different bodies of real estate. It is of great importance that a buyer starts to trust an agent and a builder so that a proper passage of business can take place.

We have carefully drafted all the rules as written in RERA so that people can easily know about them and can understand how much effort the government is making so that transparency can be maintained and buyers don’t have to feel cheated with their hard earned money again. Therefore, if you are a buyer or an agent or a promoter, feel free to contact us anytime so that we can do proper discussions on how to go about it and together give our support for a greater good.

RERA Consultants

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory and Authority) Consultants is a consultancy which is aimed to provide help to the buyers, promoters and real estate agents regarding the new Real Estate Regulatory and Authority, commonly known as RERA......

Agents Registration

Real estate agents are the back bone of the real estate market. They channelize the markets in which the money is either brought by the promoters or by the buyers. If we look in the developed countries, say for example US, there, an agent is valued extremely high...

Promoters Registration

The government of India has finally decided that a time has come where the real estate property seekers in India should be saved from the exploitation by the promoters. The promoters, commonly known as builders, are doing more harm than good to the real estate sector in India.


The blogs of RERA Consultants seek to provide information to Buyers, Promoters & Real Estate agents on news and updates on RERA & also about the important laws in RERA which makes it special in bringing transparency, governance & organisation in real estate of India.






RERA (Real Estate Regulatory and Authority) Consultants is a consultancy which is aimed to provide help to the buyers, promoters and real estate agents regarding the new Real Estate Regulatory and Authority, commonly known as RERA. The guidelines given in RERA are of prime importance for everyone related to real estate business as these guidelines will make sure that there is a complete transparency and discipline in the sale or purchase of a property. In the last few years, the formation of a government body such as RERA has been growing in demand to curb the problems that are faced by the home seekers due to some faulty promoters and real estate agents. The government has at last obliged to this demand by passing RERA act under Real Estate Regulatory Agency Bill in March 2016. This act will cover the entire state till next year. RERA will help to establish a healthy relation among buyers, promoters and the real estate agents so that a fair passage of business can take place which is very important for the development of the country.